Pedagogy Texts

Bartolozzi, New Sounds for Woodwind

Baines, Woodwind Instruments and Their History

Bate, The Oboe: An Outline of Its History, Development, and Construction

Burgess & Haynes, The Oboe

Caplan, The Breathing Book

Caplan, Oboemotions

Caswell, Reed Knife Sharpening

Ely and Van Deuren, Wind Talk for Woodwinds: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Teaching Woodwind Instruments

Ferillo, Orchestral Excerpts for Oboe

Freillon-Poncein, On Playing Oboe, Recorder, and Flageolet

Goossens, Oboe

Gordon, Preparatory Audiation, Audiation, and Music Learning Theory

Haynes, The Eloquent Oboe: A History of the Oboe 1640-1760

Hotteterre, Principles of the Flute, Recorder, and Oboe

Joppig, The Oboe and the Bassoon

King, Making Reeds Start to Finish (e-book)

Leclair, Oboe Secrets: 75 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Oboist and English Horn Player

Ledet, Oboe Reed Styles

Light, Essays for Oboists

Light, The Oboe Reed Book

Mayer, Essentials of Oboe Playing

McCall, The Essential Guide to Adjusting Your Oboe

McFarland, Oboe Adjustment Guide

McGill, Sound in Motion

Neumann, Ornamentation and Improvisation in Mozart

Rosendich, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Oboe Reedmaking

Rothwell, Oboe Technique

Sawicki, The Oboe Revealed

Schuring, Oboe Art & Method

Schuring, Fingering Chart and Trill Fingering Chart for Oboe and English Horn

Sprenkle and Ledet, The Art of Oboe Playing

Smith, The Naked Voice: A Wholistic Approach to Singing

Storch, Marcel Tabuteau: How do you expect to play the oboe if you can’t peel a mushroom?

Sudo, Zen Guitar

Thurmond, Note Grouping: A method for achieving expression and style in musical performance

Van Cleave, Oboe Unbound: Contemporary Techniques

Veale and Mahnkopf, The Techniques of Oboe Playing

Weber and Capps, The Reed Maker’s Manual

Weisberg, The Art of Wind Playing